My Fallen Lie

By:Honey Joy Rosal


I was wrong to let you go,

You had broke my heart as I say so,

All I want is for you to disappear,

Because everytime you promise, I would be in tear.


I promise myself not to fall in love with you again,

Because I know for sure I will feel the pain,

Now, I see you loving somebody else,

I’m asking myself “Why I feel a tense?”.


“What is this feeling I felt inside?”

“Was there something I couldn’t hide?”

“All I want was to forget you,

But now I’m asking why is it so hard to do,”.


Days passed by, I’m asking myself repeatedly,

Forgetting an unworthy person is simply,

Why does it takes so hard to try,

That I can wish to move forward and will not cry.


“Maybe,”I said

“Maybe all the wrong decisions I’ve done must be paid”,

I realized that pushing away is not a way to forget,

But a way in realizing what you had bet.


When you go to an end,

You’ve always pretend,

That , it’s easy to forgot the love that you had in a person who was not trustworthy,

Hence, remember, it’s not that simply and quickly.


All you know he was just in there,

But for sure you can’t find him even in the place of nowhere,

Now in despair shall forever you’ll stay,

When you know you just let him go away.