Cheeky Missy

Entreating His Silence

(sonnet attempt # VII)


Come now, my love, your back is turned to me.....
And wherefore do you silence keep so long?
I as the dove do mourn now in my song:
Your eyes I long to see, my fears relieve....
Lest cast out of the nest to wander free,
So like the partridge that does not belong,
Who sits on eggs nor hatches them at all,
I wake to find....I can't think what will be!
Am not I yours?  Disperse this gloomy cloud;
Bring sunshine and sweet peace to my grey skies....
Illumine my confusion....turn and speak.
'Tis punishment enough you make no sound.
Your favour and your love do give me life,
And all my hopes do fly your face to seek.