I Want To Know


Do I really deserve this?

I thought my life was to be filled with bliss.

Right now my heart is in so much pain,

Do I even have anything in this world to gain?

I want to do something that feels right,

So why the hell does it turn into a fight?

Am I looked at with a lote of hate?

Why can’t my life just turn out great?

Mean as hell; is that the way it’s meant to be?

Or are you only doing this because you don’t love me?

What makes you think that you can treat me this way?

Are you that cold hearted and think that it’s ok?

At times with you I don’t feel very loved,

But I know I am from the man from up above.

Sometimes I feel that you don’t really want to connect,

So that’s why I sit alone in the corner feeling like a  reject.