:I want it Back:

They taunt me, Voices dance around my head.

Trying to stop me, from finding out what i need to find.

Who i am, were i want to be. These questions haunt me just like the voices in my head.

They move in all directions, trying to confuse me. from what i want to be.

I push them aside, beg them to leave but my plead doesnt work, They just try harder to fuck with me.

Partly my fault for allowing them in. But they said they would help me, possibly stop the pain..

My pain did leave me, or i left it.

But back to the voices that seemed so sweet, who would have thought they would decive me?

So now i lie here crying and begging. My life would be great if only they would give me back whats mine,

My thoughts, My mind..

Sadly, i swear.. If they do not go then i will.

For my mind isnt big enough for both them and I.

So someday either they or i will die.