Sleep Well Weep Well

I am the reason you can`t sleep well,

My only friend is this fucking cell,

Your innermost thoughts is where I dwell,

Your innermost secrets I will not tell,

I am the reason for your crucifix,

Suffering and loss are the things I inflict,

Some of you might not understand this,

If this applies give me time because I never miss,

I smile when you cry; I hear when you pray,

Just ask and I´ll come and take your pain away,

But remember; there´s always a price to pay,

Your soul will be mine your body can stay,

Peace at last you will have finally found,

When you look at the cross and it sits upside down,

Watch how the steeple burns down to the ground,

Hear angels mourn; what a beautiful sound,

A tear from the sky falls and my presence is felt,

Where is your Jesus now that you need help?,

Now that you realize you did this to yourself,

Surrounded by Demons and nobody else,

Now I sit back and watch how you bleed,

It sends chills through my bones every time that you scream,

Now I´ll do you a favor and end your misery...

Tell me how does it feel now that you´re finally free.