Growing Up

Careful with these feelings

When love turns into affection

I show you love, not sexual desire

But when you love too much, it can get confused with sexual affection


I want to love for the sake of it

Not love to get something in return.

You treat me well, I treat you well

But at the end of the day, I gotta draw a line.

Don’t mix business with pleasure.


Why does this bother me so much?

Do I read way too much into things?

Is understanding a gift or a curse

When the more you know, the more things hurt


I thought I had it covered

I thought I could be strong

But when little things said sound like sexual affection.

I realize I’m not that strong minded.


This aint ever gonna work

We aint ever gonna work

If these feelings are left to surface

Gotta keep it real, gotta keep it mean to avoid these feelings


Why are feelings bad, why must I feel bad for feeling?

I’m not good, I’m a bad influence

I am tempting, but is that my fault?


Maybe things should happen

Maybe I should let my guard down

Maybe I should think outside the box

Maybe I should just see in black and white.


I don’t wanna see in black & white

Don’t wanna see in only tunnel vision

I want to see in colour (HD)

With bright, clear ambitions to grow up,

Try new things and not creating barriers to hold me back.


Growing up is all about making decisions, as a man I’ll make many

Growing up is all about learning from my mistakes in time I’ll find it funny.

No man is an island, as the saying goes

So running away from issues, a possible script,

Fool you’re running away from money.