I don’t believe in the words “I can’t do it”

If I put my mind to it, I find I can achieve it

I don’t believe in the phrase “get used to it”

If I focus hard enough, I can mentally defeat it.


Stop your mind getting held down

Don’t get left behind

Stop believing its fact written in stone

You’ve got what it takes inside

Be free of what people think

You’ll find it’ll set you free

Don’t let them bring you down to their level

It’s your mind; take it on a knowledge shopping spree.

Being static is as bad as being disabled

Always longing, but never moving

Aspire to be independently able

Learn now, achieve more, thought provoking


As I lay down on my bed, so fed up with my drive, my focus & my determination.

So writing this opens my mind to say whats up with my mind, my passion & my ambitions.


I know what I need to do; what only I can do for me

Learn more, create more, and be more resourceful

I know what I want to be; only I can really decide

A wise great man with poise, just successful.