No Answer

i call out to you
you dont say a word
i cry out your name
you stab me with a sword

you say nothing
i dont hear your voice
i fall on my knees
knowing i have no choice

you have left me
alone and so cold
you no longer warm me
as i silently fold

into a black rose
used and old
with no place
to call home

i no longer feel you
you have gone away
its as if ive been left
and i have been replaced

i know you exist
for i have heard you trice
you have a gentle voice
and i have left you twice

you finally gave up though
for your no longer here
i am so sorry about what i did
and i wish you were near

i know i am done
you no longer care
you have gone your way
me and you will no loner share

our conversations
our laughs
our ways
of having fun

but God
i love you with all my heart
im sorry
for doing what i did

i ask your forgiveness
i ask for your word
i ask taht you simply
say one word

BUT I GET NO ANSER!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM DONE,,,,,,,