I need a remedy, I need a solution

I need peace of mind and a resolution


Here I am again with a pen in hand & my scrapbook

Wondering if the more you know

The more you 2nd guess yourself, the more shook

The older you get, the more you do look

Understanding things more, a better outlook


They say look and you will find

Ask and you will get

But you won’t like what you find

You don’t appreciate what you’re given

The more you look the ugly inside

The more you get, the more you need forgiving


I’m sorry, sorry for the hurt I’ve caused for the shame you feel

Sorry for the countless lies told, for not truly being me

I’ll do it my way, its all for you

You’ll be all that I need my life will revolve around you


I’ll cherish every moment that we share

Feel empty when you’re not there

I’ll feel your hurt & pain

Crazy in love, friends will think I’m insane


But it won’t matter, as long as we’re on the same page

Like two peas in a pod, I’ll stick by you forever, this I envisage

It’s just you & me against the world

When those around us turn cold

Just the two of us surviving the ups & downs

Only you I want to hold


No-one else comes close to the way I feel for you, it’s real

I’ll love you through thick & thin

Grey hairs & wrinkles, I’m the real deal


I’ll be everything you need, your healer, your provider

Don’t need a medicine degree

I’ll be your lover, your natural herb supplier


In need of a great woman to be my backbone

Kick up the backside from time to time

Intelligence, passionate, humble tone

Able to be fierce & hot like fire

Loving you won’t feel like a crime because you’re my true desire.