Belinda AMeharry


This is so hard

being oceans apart

I'd send you card

but it'd just be a start.

We talk for hours

with sweetest of whispers

that special world of ours

with angels in the ethers.

They help me to sleep

through the yearning of you

there's no need to weep

Knowing you miss me too.

I did not want this

to feel you that way

those moments we kiss

just blow me away.

All in all I am glad

to feel than to not

I cannot be mad

for the visions we got

I shall keep an open mind

and let you inspire.

Maybe someday we'll find

that burning desire.

That Love so great

so true and so pure

only God can create

Oh heavens allure.

I love you my friend

for opening my heart

although time does bend

I will do the art

You'll always be

although you're afar

in my heart, you see

my sweet Enigma...