Thoughts on a Girls Self Portrait

Your face - so young

So beautiful to me

It catches my eye

Seducing me to return


To see it - to know it

Yet I don't know 'you'

I have never met you

Perhaps I never will


Your pretty left eye - Its pretty left eye

Your dark hair - Its dark hair

How that eye holds me

With its gaze averted


Your scarf - of biege

So tenderly wrapped

I can feel its warmth

Yet I've never touched it


Your portrait - a masterpiece

Yet it is not 'you'

We must face that fact together

As exhibitionist and voyeur


It's not paper - it's not paint

For when I leave this room

I'll ever still see 'it'

Not paper, paint or you


It exists - you exist

I exist also

You created the portrait

But what created me?


I turn - I leave

With one last look I think

I do not know her, but she

Should be proud of what she's done.