Forever I roam in the realm of night

Never again to behold the bright light

I walk alone and wander much too far

Searching in vain for my evening star


For I last left him in long days of old

Where love from fire was kindled strong and bold

But mine wavered and I was torn apart

By power of fate, hate, or some dark art


He was my whole life, but this he knew not

My heart could not be bought, so I thought

Yet he did so with a laugh and a smile

For him I knew I would walk miles and miles


I let fall my iron wall of defense

Though I knew not he had come to me whence

Now very dearly do the price I pay

For my futile fantasy dreams of day


 He is always, forever gone from me

Yet he still holds my broken, heart-shaped key

I walk, looking for him forevermore

Still searching blindly, within, for the door