Love formations with water-spouts

How life is really up to date now

Living this kind of life brings hopeful wonders

Sitting on the dock for make believe tunes

Leading loud mouth folks to safety always

Astounding matters formation on certain rings

Making love to home skillets of measuring cups

Alluding the hope for all measures in disguise

Lending the lower case values to hope shores

Telling business of not your own to all strange ones

Selling your most precious gifts less than its value

Pricing the aftermath of unwanted lovemaking story

Choice in the matters of unannounced engagement

Choosing to be free from most sentimental status

Running to the wrong person for serious advice

Waiting for prepaid lists for certain bargains

Loving someone into not interesting rodents mask

Channeling the outcome of premature punks per lane

Formatting formal frontal frames for fuming flowers

For waterspouts, water sports, water spills, water splash

Taking it in to the next level of maturity would help IT

Bring the beauty of who you are in the midst of love trends

Saying and not doing does contradicts matters right off

Feel free to spread each wings as far as you could right now

Taking without asking is not a cool motion for anyone

Forgive and forget the outcast personnel performance

Treating rainbows for skittles brings many colors ties

Make it last forever and ever for you and me with both