I didn’t want to settle down because of my lively personality

But I now dream of settling down, is it because of lack of activity?

Been too relaxed, expecting it all to be handed on a plate

I’m not no Brad Pitt or Denzel

I’ll look like a Mali child at this rate.


Think you’re something special?

Toned up, sweet smile

If you think that’s all you need

That it’s enough, you’re in denial.


I want something meaningful

Something to call mine

Mindless, senseless, lustful desires only feel more pathetic in time.


But you become addicted, I become addicted

And it’s all around us, temptations lurking around every corner

You become experienced but innocence is fading

Like a drug, it’ll become a disaster


When you see it clearly, some people rarely

You won’t recognize your reflection

But you won’t see it in an instance

This one’s a creeper; it’ll miss your detection.