Ode to Lucifer!!

Ye prince of abomination
Ye lord impious of creation
Ye obstruction to every solution
Ye first to incite transgression
Ye hailer of aberration
Ye darkest angel of ethereal succession
Thou who dwell'th the profound'st pits
of abaddon ablaze
Thou who rejoice'th the void of light
in thy kingdom of disgrace
Thou the might'st ere whom Olympus
be'th so base
Thou most fallen yet live'th high 
in hell's abysmal maze
Thou whose glory though evil
is worth eternal praise
Ye master ere this thrall servile
Ye immortal lord of thy slaves vile
We call upon thee,that we blessed be
to resurrect thy name in hearts of men
who love'th worldly adversity.
In Perpetuity!
In Perpetuity!
In Perpetuity!