Rose was a despicable child

She jumped on the sofa and went all wild

Her dad was a doctor

But too busy to watch her

So dirty Rose

Picked her nose

I was a passer by

And as it happened it was I

Who saw this event

As I was sent

To post a letter to Mr Hent

The day that nearly gave her an end

The day her dad couldn’t mend

When Rose

Put her finger up her nose

Little did she know


That on her finger

Lay a speck of glue

So when her finger went to come out

It made poor Rose bawl and shout

Her father you see

Had gone out early

No one was there to help

All Rose could do was yelp

So when she tried again and again

It only made her cry out in pain

Then after the 1,000th try

Rose cried out “Oh my”

And on her finger

Lay her brain

Out it came

And never again was Rose the same