Cheeky Missy

The Squirrels We Lost

(sonnet attempt # XXXVI) 


You caught yours. I chased mine. But we both lost.
She bloodied you (but you were cruel to her) .
He raged at me and scared me off unhurt.
She playing in the trees, you then stones tossed; 
Mine on the ground I diligently stalked.
You brought her down to earth, thus your prisoner.
I subtly drew nigh, met his fear and ire: 
To keep them we reluctantly both balked.
Desire so irresistible began
This venture for the unobtainable; 
Impetuously against the odds we dared, 
And nearly got our goal each by our plan; 
To learn we can't have squirrels though we be bold: 
Subdued not by our means...were we unfair?