With a silent and a beautiful environ on the first step,

And a soul-stirring scene of great jubilance,

  I entered through the gates as the evil dep;

  And saw a panorama; it induced holiness.

That is the chroncle of my canonized entrance. 


 As I trod the rest of my steps, angels received me;

And the nightingale with its mellifluous song,

Filled my heart with the melody of Elysium.

  Beholding the beauty of the landscape,

I ceased  


  To see the Divine messenger ready to hail me.

  I halted for a jiffy and blasted into the elegance,

 Seeing the stars beckoning me- “stay back”,

I reflected in the first instance;

 But decided to do what I was willing,

 I stayed.  


The angel took me into her arms,

 I breathed into the Valhalla fragrance;

 She showed me the power of her charms

 And I breathed my last.


  As my psyche was leaving me;

She left a message unconveyed,

Upon which- later on- I pondered

It was that the spirit had plied my skin;

 To drive away Lucifer.