Just as slowly as a raindrop falls,

‘IT’ came to me with open arms

I knew ‘IT’ had heard my calls

For ‘IT’ had come in steady trots.


I knew the words ‘eternal love’

But still I hesitated to speak;

‘IT’ was dressed as a dove,

With a flower in its beak.


‘IT’ halted by me with her timid smile,

A beauty that I had never seen

The words had gathered in a pile,

Whose weight stooped me down.


I emptied my heart of the last word,

‘IT’ knew; ‘IT’ had found ‘eternal love’

All the words were clearly heard,

And ‘IT’ hugged me and moved closer.


But then I showed reluctance for ‘IT’

Because I had recognised-

I knew Death was ‘IT’,

And Death had found ‘eternal love’ with me.