Cheeky Missy

Empty Inbox????

I got an email address
Just to make life int'resting...
But found rather to my dismay, 
That no one emailed me! 

So I sat me down forlornly; 
And I wondered why t'was so, 
While most other folks got email, 
"Empty"...my inbox should go? 

Most signed to lists of stuff they liked...
(But I couldn't think what I'd pick!) 
I guessed I knew what I should do, 
I'd rarely be then checking it! 

But my brother then did chide me, 
Said that he checked his ev'ryday! 
So I said that to oblige him, 
I'd try checking mine each day....

You can't guess but it got boring 
With "EMPTY INBOX" ev'ry day; 
So to make it more exciting 
I then tried to change my ways....

"I'll just write to other people, 
That's more int'resting to do"....
And guess what?! they answered back! 
I'm even writing now to you!! 

So now my inbox has much stuff
I can hardly find the time
To answer all the emails now, 
Thus concludes this little rhyme!