Cheeky Missy

Lost Love on the Breeze.....

(sonnet attempt # XXXIV) 


Your scent yet lingers, wafted on the breeze....
A pungent, passionate reminder now
Of your dear proximity, and yet how
Dishearteningly too this bitter tease
Effectively quells love and passions freeze: 
Renewing subtle recollection 'round
That love's a futile dream, ne'er to be found
Twixt you and me, despite my earnest pleas.
So close yet far, so dear and not, we are; 
Unknown yet well-known, friendly strangers aye; 
As nearly neighbors, unrelated though....
Your bus'ness and my close and far.
A fascinating perplex, don't deny; 
And ne'er the twain shall meet, time steady shows.