Cheeky Missy

...To the Downspout Overflow

(sonnet attempt #XLI) 


Ah, transient and vap'rous trickling rill, 
O'er pebbles gaily tripping, downward drawn; 
Sweet momentary bliss of spring snow wrought, 
Whose melting in the warming breezes fills
This little nat'ral channel made at will, 
For briefest space whilst day blooms; subtly gone
As waning afternoon congealed to nought
Thy lively, glimm'ring image by its chill.
Oh breathless ecstasy and twinkling bliss! 
A little burbling stream 'twixt sprouting grass; 
Retreat, for sweet reflections, from life's cares.
Created momentarily, how this
Delights the senses! And yet it shall pass
Ere eve, quite crystallized,...which now flows fair.