jvl narasimha rao


two Americans and three Indians

Came to my house.yesterday.

Four of them were men

And one of them a woman

They were all shedding blood

I asked the Americans , “ What

Happened to you?” Our fellow

White Americans fired at us”

Why? “I asked most innocently”

They said, ‘we fought indiscrimination

Against the blacks and for their equality”

I asked the Indians, Why are all bleeding?

“The religious fanatics belonging to our

Religion fired at us’ .The two Indian men said.

A Sikh fanatic shot at me indiscriminately”

He was my own body Guard too.”

The Indian woman said painfully.

Coincidentally all the five came

From the two great democracies

Democracy means” killing the

Great leaders and shedding their blood.”

I woke up from the dream

But I had the great opportunity

Of talking to five noble souls