I suppose if I must be forever overwhelmed

By infinite thoughts of you

I will allow myself to step into the realm

And tell you of all of my promises true:


If you were to live for 100 years more

I would wish to live for 100 more years minus a day

So I would still have time to adore and be adored

But without you I would never stay


Every day not spent right by your side

I will wonder what you are doing and wish I was doing it with you

And though you would not be close enough to hear my sighs

I would hope I would be there in your heart and mind too


But you have to make me only one little promise

Promise you won’t forget me, for I’d be afraid to ever leave

If you ever said your memories of me were far from ageless;

I never ever want our affection to unweave


So this is my plan, and I plan to stick by it

Live with you forever even past our lives

My love for you will never quit

And with you, of happiness I’ll never be deprived

 I only hope my love will always be mutual at least a little bit