jvl narasimha rao

MAHA SHIVA RATHRI(thegreat night of goodness)

 Truth, goodness and beauty are eternal trinity

They are the qualities of rarity and divinity

Today the Hindus celebrate maha shiva Rathri(the great night of goodness)

may this Hindu festival bring upon you all brightness and greatness!

Christians believe only Yahuwah as reality

Muslims regard only Allah as divinity

but Hindus believe that God dwells in every entity

and worship every plant, mountain, river as Diety

Atheists plead God as mere irrationality

but nobody can deny the trinity

which are more internal than external

God may not be truth

but truth is God

God may not be beauty

but beauty is God

God may not stand for goodness

but goodness is surely God

Let us all strive for the trinity

Truth, goodness and beauty