Oh you are tapping on my window, how are you here?

How is he doing, my breeze, say it loud and clear

Did you bring me some of him, does he talk to you?

Dear wind, tell me of his stories and of him too


Fill the wind chime with his songs and stories

Let the leaves wave and tell me how he is

Blow all around me fill me with his thought

Let me breathe in all of his soul leave a thing not


Isn’t he carefree just like you blowing on his own will?

Makes his way through the hurdle and the hill?

All around me, not possible to catch, see his bend

So tell me didn’t I find you the perfect friend?


Return, blow away his tears if he sits down to weep

Dance to his laughter bring me some to keep

Give him the dreams I just put them on your flow

Cherish all his successes help him retain glow


In my place I've sent you as confidence, boost him

If he needs ears to pour himself listen to his scream

I've sent you tunes; put it to him, if he needs to talk

Keep track, does he ever think of me during his walk


Turn warm if he needs to heat up when it's cold

Chill down; when he needs air do as you're told

Bring to me his breath; let me check my name in it

Bring to me his smell; where aromas of zephyr sit


Well I can't ever be around he is all on his own

Wrap him up with my love when he is alone

Blow in his face, sugar nectar; check that he sips

Oh so sweet, my flying love, let land on his lips


O wind! O wind! Pace back remain like his shadow

Collect those few moments he saves for me go, go

I'm sending you; don’t let him know of it, a pint

Yes I miss him, you got to hide it not show wind