Give me a call,

Just like you've always done all these years

Just talk it’s the voice causing laughter and tears

Just crack another joke and I'll smile for no reason

Just giggle a moment and I'll die once more this season

Just tell me of your stories I'll listen with ears open

Just tell me of dreams and doubts I'll make gain and gone


Give me all of you,

Even the careless the motiveless you

Even the wandering the confused you

Even the flirtatious the naughty you

Even the dreamer the player you

Even the sensitive the worried you

Even the weeping the panicking you


Give me a name,

Call me by that name, call me again

Call me I'm your darling best friend

Call me I'm your dream as you made

Call me I'm your sweetheart as you said

Call me you're special call me your reserved face

Call me a drug call me your cute little princess


Give me reasons,

Why you can call me all what you feel?

Why you have rights over my life still?

Why your problems seem to seek my name?

Why they're the only part of you that I claim?

Why I live to listen to them to solve them?

Why I live to see you succeed grow in fame?


Give me chances,

Coz I've given them a million times and more

Coz I've been around in every pain and sore

Coz I've given you all of my heart my love

Coz I've placed a shoulder when you sob

Coz I've listened to your talks your part

Coz I've taken care not placing a cold heart


Give me decision

Do you ever need me around anymore?

Do you still think I'm able enough to adore?

Do you wish to look back at sugar words?

Do you choose to leave me hanging in odds?

Do you ever seek my presence in your space?

Do you even care to look back at this face?