Not Forgotten

I still remeber how lt use to be

I loved you and you loved me

I still can't belive it all went wrong

Its been elven years since your gone

That terrible night the fire broke

It was truly a miracle I awoke

Luckly we all managed to get outside

Then our daughter had gone back inside

You ran so fast into our burning home

I couldn't leave our two outher children alone

I finally had a chance to go back in there

It was horrible so much smoke,fire everywhere

I fell over our daughter lying on the floor

Oh my god she wasent breathing anymore

I raced her out and put her on the ground

Frantically on her chest I began to pound

She finally started to breath on her own

It was then I ran back into our burning home

The fire was to hot for me to bear

I had to run back out to get some air

I got out and turned around,there you were lying on the floor

I didn't want to,but I knew I was going back in once more

When I got you out I thought you would be alright

But the lord called you to him latter that night

And now I raise the children on my own and this is my fate

I will go on living but never replace you,my true soulmate