Hell... attack!


The time has come for paradise, to face our last attack.

Hell will be among us, under a sky of solid black.

Eternally dark and silent; Their final destiny.

Their souls are put on fire, by our hatred burning free.


Feel the trembling, of earth scorched by our hate.

They'll meet their doom, it'll strip them of their fate.

The sea of blood is boiling, with rage it hits the shore.

Their kingdom and their glory, swept away forever more.


We hide in the shadows, about to seal their fate.

Gathering our strength, about to storm the gates.

Our darkness is growing, it dims the light.

In silence we await, the long eternal night.


Their father and the spirit; their holy bastard son.

As lies they'll be remembered, unholy we have won.

Soon they lay forgotten, burried underground.

Of heaven they'll see nothing; nor ever hear a sound.