Wondering why I serve you such silence?

Confused why there are boundaries so dense?

Explanations would be worthless to relate

You my love common between both we mate


I realize there's love and so do you

How am I going to explain she has feelings too

We have feelings the same for we are so very close

She is all into you, my love, overshadowed no one knows


Had I known your merits for myself alone

When she'd be picturing I,d always mourn

I can depict your eyes searching for me in the crowd

She feels its for her cheers up so very proud


I can see in your eyes emotions ready to pour

Halt my dear her feelings let them not devour

The purity the fact of all love lies in pain

Tearing her apart my love would be in vain


Feelings for you I'd ignore, secretly keep

Give her innocence a betray its better I weep

You're the amplitude your love the peak on the chart

I'm in breath-taking dilemma for you're the heart of my heart