There are so many words I cannot say,

when I look into your eyes.

I want to be able to tell you one day,

but I\'m left speechless every time that I try.


You must have stumbled across the key,

and discovered so much more.

You found a hidden place in me,

You found my heart and opened the door.

And I cried in pain of

loosing my dear friend.


Will it ever be the same again?

If it passes will it be the end?

I realized it was worth so much,

as I lie in bed at night.

So I allowed my soul to be touched,

without even putting up a fight.

Are my eyes deceiving me,

when I see you standing there?

Are you playing games,

just to prove I care?


You speak my name in a prelude,

in a reference to love,

with such a loving attitude,

as if it were a message from above.

With the palms of your hands,

pressed firmly against mine,

a white dove lands,

and the sun begins to shine.


Someday I will see,

though that day has not come yet.

You\'ll say you love me,

but will you ever forget?

If that happens and my spirit dies,

if my emotions drop,

will you want to hold me when I cry?

Or will the love just suddenly stop?

We can\'t expect to fall in love and never cry.


You\'ll stay and play your part,

but after the beauty starts to die,

will your footprints still be on my heart?

Though it would be hard to say goodbye,

your friend I will always be,

as long as we always try,

to keep the friendship between you and me.


The letter I will not send

will casually inquire,

how could you have caused us to end?

If I was your one desire.

After this life is over,

you\'ll be the one person I know I\'ll miss.


If it\'s too late to start over, I\'ll leave you with this....

I\'ll hold you for a lifetime,

if you\'ll just hold my hand.

We could have a wonderful time,

in the days we have not yet planned.