Where is the glimmer in your eyes?

Was the loyal, caring you only a disguise?

I can still hear the echoes of our laughter

But I only see the melancholy that came after


What I am supposed to believe?

Was your design always only to deceive?

Have your “I love you”s always been so empty?

I miss the times that appeared so carefree


You used to call every single day

Did you see me as only another victim to prey?

I saw you as someone to love and love me

Are you happy now to be set free?


I desperately, frantically tried to forget

My heartbroken solo hitherto was our joyous duet

But my task was hopelessly unattainable

Is there any way to make our separation explainable?


Of course you’re quite happy – you’ve moved on

Do you even notice or care that I’m gone?

I think about it every day, I promise you

When is it my time to finally pull through?


When will I be able to throw away these memories?

Forgetting love certainly isn’t my expertise

Tell me now, how do you recover from a farewell?

You seem to have achieved it quite well


As I sat down to watch the nighttime stars

As I tried to heal my heart’s new scars

I felt a single tear fall down my face

Your love for me, was it misplaced?


Or did it never exist at all?

Did you only bring me up so that I could fall?

For certainly I have fallen from my throne

And now I’m utterly and entirely