Remember Me

How quickly have gone the days, the months, the years

How slowly have dried the memories and the tears

Our show lasted much longer than I should have allowed

Yet we’ve long since acted the finale and taken our bows


The higher the climb and the flight, the longer the fall

Still I climbed higher than Heaven with you before you took it all

Yet before I hit the hard ground I learned to grow wings

And I learned to live without your kindness among other things


The world is made of more than love and relationships

It’s made of more than loving embraces and kissing lips

Perhaps it’s even easier to go on with life without you here

My outside desires and my dreams finally look clear


Of course I still miss you; that is absolutely certain

Though our lives now are separated by a rigid curtain

But maybe now I will be able to live my own life

Free of heartbreak, sadness, neglect, and strife


I will certainly learn to love again, maybe with success

None will be as amazing as you, but I will adore them nonetheless

I will live on with only the memory and the dreams of you

And I definitely hope that you will always remember me too