Smile (:

If I could have just have one more day,
To spend my time with you.
I'd love to sit and talk awhile,
Instead of feeling blue.

It's just so hard when we're apart,
The days just seem so long.
For my longing and your touch,
It leaps off the page of a song.

If I could turn up the hands of time,
I'd be standing in front of you.
I'd reach out to feel your touch,
I know you'd love that too.

If you see me in your dreams,
You know that I am there.
To show you all my love from me,
And show how much I care.

You always make me feel special,
And leaves me with a smile.
Nothing can ever change that,
Everything is always worth while.

So if you're sitting there wondering,
Of what it is I do.
I'm wrapping my love up in a box,
And sending it off to you.