A dark cloudy day.

As i walk
through the cementary
i stop and think
but only momentaraly

I walk to
your sad lonely grave
and think of the things
that were never said

you did drugs
you never told me
i tried to help you
and you yelled "let me be".

as i sit here
with tears falling from my eyes
i reminince the past
and scream up at the sky

why did you have to die
you were my best friend
from preschool to highschool
you were practicaly God send

its cold here
and your gone
ill never see you again
and you'll miss prom

that night you died
broke me in half
i havent been the same
since that night

you got laided down
by one single bullet
you left instantly
and i just couldnt

deal with it
i was my fault you went down
if i hadnt of told you your wrongs
you wouldnt of gone to the other side of town

i miss you
but i have to let you go
its time ived moved on
its time ive gone home

you were the best
the very best of friends
i'll let you go
but my love ill always send