Loving life leading to little life spats


Truly life succeeds at its very best

Bleeding out well overly much stinch

Crouching down for more sadness in the air

Trailing the outgoing path of life in gear

Trolly takes you far than gas mileage cars

Spending time with loved ones for one more time

Saying goodbye to one most precious jewel

Loving the absentice road trips of Moscow lane

Children are at ease with parents in peace standing

Parents in great void when comes to river boating matters

Grandparents are great at spoiling, training and loving wholeheartedly

Trust in the one thing that makes us human inside our heart machine

Making sure, you and I are going places above it all

Relive your childhood moments for old time sakes

Train up a child and when they are of age would stay near

Wanting truth, wanting love, wanting home, wanting freedom