You see me? I hear you. You better listen up I'm only sayin' this once maybe twice but not thrice cuz if I do the mice will hear me and come stalk me then eat me like rice I have only heard what has been said to me and only eat what's been fed to me can't you see? How I've turned out to be kid in desgies dressed up like man made up to make a stand to set freedom to all of the land and geuss what? You ate it up and I'm fed up with everyone lookin' at me callin' me a freak and spittin' on me it's terrible. Can't you see your son and what he has turned out be? Look strait at me! Not to the left or the right not the up or the down it's like I'm not even around when your here no one can see me not even you but when your gone everyone collapses and puts all there weight on to me how can this be the way I've turned out with fingers pointed at me how bout you? Tell me how you've been while wearin' you're ear rings and sippin' on your coke remeber that joke that you told me but I didn't get it and you flipped out on me was it cuz momma walked in? Or was it something I said? I don't care now but all I know now is the sound of a gun going pow and blowing your fucking brains out and see it splatter about. Then finding a rout out before I get caught by that smelly ass whore you got in your room spending all of your money on porno tapes and CD's I geuss I'll see you later maybe even on the TV but never mind that I'm going I'm gone out.