It Lingers

Lasting wave that swings and turns

Caressing the crystals that touch your path

Alas shattering the light when storm rages

Crushing the deep core once entrusted


Forces that mingle and change

Forcing the paint to make way

It roars and swallows

The cries that were heard


The silence, at the beginning belongs

No more than chaos that rules the rough

Moving gently and parting we move

The progress has started and hope lingers too


Passing time that makes us wonder

How long should we wait

The main worry is the lack of belonging

That solace will never overcome


Inside the mystery the darkness moves

The light inside that lingers too

Knowledge and patience is part of the answer

To open the key is to unlock from within


There; all along was waiting

The love we assumed was lost

The more we are open, the more we see

Expanding to see our light

Willing to set it free and alive