School Life Of An African Child

Worst and best time of one's life

Where gossips and arguement never ends

noisy, but calm at the arrival of a master

Do consist of young lad & lasses who want to know

What makes the earth go around


A place where the ignorant learn

A place the wise acquire knowledge

A place you either gain or lose

A place where you either pass or fail

A place you wish you were and never was


Different people you would meet

Different race and tribe

Different language and character

Boys and Girls of different age

Who wants to learn the white man's way


Woe be you, when ye are late

The stings of the master's rod

on your bareback

Which instils discipline into you

Will you remember, when next you decide to sleep late


An awful experience,it is to the lazy

Who wants to eat and sleep all day

but virtuous mother who want the best

chase them around with a rod

and threaten to report them to the master


A time of great experience to every student

A time you meet different people and friends

who influences you either good or bad

but whichever way you choose

determines your tommorrow