Jennifer Teresa Nunes


Remember when I held your tears for your mind to be clear
And walked along to wash your wrongs.
When you'd feel it, you'd run and fade
Afraid of it, you'd just do the same

Then through your hurt I held your pain
Would've killed the person who put you to shame
Worked so hard for you to get ahead
Just for me to be pushed back instead

So no longer for you will I crash-land
Or sink in the quicksand
I'll listen to love's demand
And beautiful I will stand

As for you, my footprints will be engraved into your black heart
So that everyday you'll fall apart
And the memories of me in the back of your mind, they will never disappear over time
You can reach out but I am gone
Hope realize now that it was me, I made you strong


written by: Jennifer Teresa Nunes