Better Paste

The company could be better

Feelings of déjà vu, change the record

Wanna have freedom, feel like the selector

First class, get ready for lift off

On a private jet or even concord


Got me in thinking mode

Just needed little minds to get back writing in code

It aint for everyone

I cannot make you think

Can be the lighthouse

Light your way so that you don’t sink

It’s doing my head in, get me out of here

Holding myself back

Is the more you know the more you fear?


Why must I become an island, in order to see things righteously?

I don’t want to face it alone, I need you constantly

This is how I need to feel in order to stop procrastinating

Is this who I need to be in order to eat that frog & stop contemplating?


What is the hold up, why am I still waiting?

Is my mind under a hold up, on freeze?

I don’t understand this creativity I’m wasting!


So close I can almost taste it

Prioritize better before I end up wasted

Not like a bin man not as long as I have a master plan

Not in this lifetime, I can be greater than this job, feeling like a postman

But I lack delivery which simply ends in misery.


Time to make an imprint, matter to professionals

Time to follow instinct, expose my credentials.

Time goes by, there’s not a moment to waste

Combination of all my talents, create a better paste.


Time to make my big move; it’s my life on the line

Figure out what I’m supposed to do

 Without getting caught up in the life of crime

The life always appears attractive in this stressful life, believe me it does

Always seeking for an easy way to escape

With crime it never shows face, never takes shape


Is fear really a gift or a curse?

Want an answer? You better reach into your purse

It’s true, the more you know

The more you’re shook

Juts swing with a left hook


As a child I was completely fearless

Couldn’t stay still for long, constantly restless

As a child I was completely careless

But I had enough sense & awareness