Every Single Thing

I want to remember

Every single thing:

Your smile,

Your heart,

Your laugh,

Your everything.

I want to keep them

Forever in my mind.

They tell me to forget

So I can just move on.

But I don’t want to move on –

I want to remember it all;

All of our hugs

And holding hands

Laughing as we ran

Through the hallways.

Sometimes I still read your emails

Saying “Goodnight”

And “I miss you”

And “I love you”.

And I think to myself

‘Where has it all gone?’

It’s vanished into thin air,

Gone for maybe forever;

Maybe never to return.

So before you leave me,

Look deep into my eyes.

Let me remember them,

The way they shine

With compassion.

Show me one more smile

So I won’t ever forget it.

Laugh one more time,

So I can remember

The sound of pure joy and love.

Let me remember you,

Because I want to remember

Every single thing.