I open my mouth to speak,

But not a sound comes out;

I’m a stuttering mess,

Clouded with doubt


I planned what I would say,

And it’s not a long script,

But no matter how I try,

These words just don’t fit


Maybe I should stay silent

And keep thoughts in my head;

Maybe these feelings

Just shouldn’t be said


You wouldn’t listen anyway –

It’s a topic you try to avoid,

Even though it once was

Something you really enjoyed


Besides, we haven’t really talked,

And you’ve probably kept me off your mind,

And seeing you now, I know

You just want to leave me behind


So I let the moment slip by,

Though I know it’s something I’ll regret,

Because this kind of moment

Is something I couldn’t forget


So I just stand there alone

And I continue to stare

At where you stood,

Though you’re no longer there


And I whisper those words

That I had kept in my head,

“I miss you with all my heart”

But it’s as if they were unsaid