Cheeky Missy

Refreshing Dews

(sonnet CLXXIX)


Dew sparkles so like rainbows low down there
'Mongst blades of grass in dappled shade where day's
Mid-morning blaze has not yet reached; the rays
And heat the larger golden stretches ere
Dried, warmly greet bare feet now, whilst these fair
And lucious darkened shadows meet with sprays
Or cooling splashes, welcoming in ways
The careless tread quite loves, fleeing late morn's glare.
That precious moisture blesses when the clear
Night sky descends on twilight's heels; bestows
Abundant sweet relief in droplet's cheer,
Refreshing after summer's hot, their close
Through dark's repose enhanced by these small dear
Gifts, ling'ring softly 'til the midday glows.