What is life!!:@

Life is stupid
so dum and dumb
i might as well be
dirty as a scum.

I mean its not
like i love it
its so dark
i cant stand it.

What i mean to say
life is worthless
and really mean
even our lives r shorthless.

Sometimes i lay dodwn
sometimes i cry
even tho
i really wish to die.

I cant
not yet
i have something
that needs to be said.

Im worthless
im stupid
no one loves me
not even cupid.

I have feelings
 i have scars
and those things happened
behind these bars.

That im trapped in
were i cant leave
im loosing my breath
i practically heave.

All the insanity
that i have in me
all the pain
that causes me glee.

I cant stand it
the pain and glee
i wish it would stop
and set me Free>>!!!!!!

I wanna me free