Alexandre Landsley

Hero or Villain

They say staring in someone's eyes, is like staring through their soul

But everyday I am forced to play a different role

So lately, I've been feeling like I am digging myself a hole

I am deep buried under my lies, truth swallowed up in quick sands

For a moment its like I had the whole world, but accidentally slipped and fell into the wrong hands

So many masks but one face, which is the role will I play

Will it be the hero or the villain

I don't know, but some way somehow, one thing for sure is I only will indulge the pain

Feed off their sadness and leave them with joy at the very end

They won't know the difference, but will certainly be relieved of their burden

And I will carry it upon my shoulders as if it was my own

Forgetting that no burden is light as a feather, they will proclaim

A hero and throw him a feast, and at the same time crucify a villain by forgetting in the process that I, am both the same man.