Alexandre Landsley


My heart deep underground, I am looking for love, still nowhere to be found

Hate is all that is left, pain is all that I kept, everyone wants a little bit of happiness on their road to success

I am in a faster lane, became a shooting star, but still I haven't reach my destination yet

In my hand just this pen, for when I am there, I guarantee you will all understand

That when ink flows, I have to let my thoughts go, can't really be held responsible

On any account possible, for what is written in stone cannot be unwritten on its own

Cracks all over the pavement of my life, so I broke the sand clock put the time in, in treating those old wounds,

But some of them too deep, so I guess that I will take a rain check and keep on moving

This maybe a battle that I can't win, but I sure will try, because I don't know the meaning losing,

So if I ran out of ink, then I will start speaking, and if I ran out of words, then I beg you, use your common sense in understanding that this is a goal which I am planning on reaching,

And if slipped, through my fingertips it will be the nightmare, that I alone must undertake.