Alexandre Landsley

All Forgotten

My heart breaks knowing that you and I will never be in this lifetime, but here's to a forgetful past knowing that I will never see you again in this lifetime, I shall erase you just fine, out of my life, out of my mind. Here's to my heart that has been shattered like glass, you threw me a curve ball, wished I knocked it out of the park, but unfortunately, went right through me and left me in the dark and every time the wind blow, I can guarantee that I feel the giant hole, that you left within me. I could have left it all behind, but I've been told that through all pain comes some the greatest inspiration, so once again you are the reason for this commotion, but in time you will be forgotten, and soon happiness shall follow, and sorrow shall not be on my list for tomorrow and maybe who knows there might be a rainbow, and at the end of it, the pot of gold that I've been looking for.