I’m loving the way that I’m flowing

It shows that I’m intellectually growing

Opening my mind to knowledge

It’s the right seeds that I’m sowing


With every chapter read

It’s my capability getting fed

I’m going to be extremely successful

Only because it’s what I said


Years ago, it takes time to achieve

I’m destined for greatness

It aint so hard for me to conceive

Mind under knowledge siege

I’m going to win this battle

This I truly believe


Finished the book by the ex-FBI agent

Now know what their body’s really saying

Non-verbal’s at the newsagent

It’s good to know, knowledge comes in handy

It can be used at any time, sweet like candy


I’m on the right track for happiness, destination success

A requirement, make sure you belong

Like minds work greater together

One common goal, success

Run the scene like King Kong


Books are simply improving my character

Form now & here after

The more I read the more laughter

See the boy I was before, a man after


- CJ Tones

- 14 – 04 - 2010