For A Polish Girl in Hyde Park

In the rain we met

On a Sunday too

A day for promenading

With a girl round Hyde Park


From nowhere you sprang

You appeared before me

Fresh faced - like the sun

Peeping through the rain clouds


Your pretty features - blonde hair

What - nineteen?

Too good for me

Yet you chose to stay


And you smiled as we walked

Laughing through the rain

As we shared my umbrella

And listened to the racists


And the Marxists,the athiests

Even the preachers too

And those who did announce

'That the end is nigh'


Your eyes sparkled

With the mirth and joy of it

To the world did we appear

Like another couple in love?


Perhaps - but then

I let you slip - I had to

And you joined the crowds on Oxford Street

And I chose to stay


With the Marxists in Hyde Park

In the rain

My love owned by another

On that Sunday afternoon.